Hi, I’m Jaqueline!

I’m Jaqueline (pronouns: she/her)! Growing up with two artists as parents, I developed a deep appreciation for fine arts culture and was curious to experience what newer, bourgeoning art scenes had to offer. When my company went remote, Roosevelt Row was on the top of my list to visit. Not only is it touted as one of the most Instagrammed art spaces, it has an incredible night life and monthly event called First Fridays, where merchants and galleries close streets and stay open most of the night.

After a month-long stay I made it permanent, purchasing a home in the Coronado Historic District (something I wouldn’t have dreamt of in SF!) My neighborhood has a beautiful aesthetic and community atmosphere, along with an unbelievable walkability to the never-ending list of events and small businesses in the heart of downtown.¬†¬†

Roosevelt Row: #24 Coolest Neighborhood in the U.S., based on transit, walkability, entertainment and cost of living

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I like to soak in the local culture starting my days with a walk and a cappuccino from Songbird where I pass everything from churches to family-owed shops and public art in the park. On occasion I’ll grab happy hour after work at one of the many open air bars, attend a local industry event with Galvanize, check out an artist showcase at Alwun House, or see the latest exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum. On Third Fridays there’s artist debuts at modified/arts or private panels at the Warehouse district, Grant Street Studios. I always start my Saturdays at the Open Air Market before taking a class at Arizona Ballet or talking with friends over a brunch I grabbed from one of the incredible neighborhood restaurants. On special occasions I love taking friends to Bliss/ReBAR on a fun night out or visiting the AZ Opera for an incredible show.

Living in the Coronado District has afforded me the perfect blend of life that I always dreamed of.

When my friends want to catch a baseball game, the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium is close by and so are multiple concert venues. Living in the Coronado District has afforded me the perfect blend of life that I always dreamed of. Whether it is the downtown vibe or a quaint community, I have it all at my fingertips.

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