Kevin Reinhart

Executive Director, Emerging Research Technology

ASU Knowledge Enterprise

Kevin Reinhart is Executive Director, Emerging Research Technology in the ASU Knowledge Enterprise (KE). Reinhart has over 25 years of project and operations management experience including business strategic planning, new technology development, new product and manufacturing systems introduction, and quality systems (ISO 9001 and 13485) at General Electric-Healthcare, Amersham BioSciences, and Motorola. Since joining ASU in 2008 he has been engaged in strategic research planning and execution for large scale projects, including programs such as NSF Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure, NASA instrumentation projects, and the recent DOD Microelectronics Commons Hub. As a Director in the KE Research Development team, Reinhart works with KE Senior Management in planning and oversight of strategic research programs, developing strategies for major research portfolios, identifying opportunities, developing teams, defining research strategies, and supporting the execution of large scale, multi-disciplinary project proposals.