Dr. Velma Trayham

CEO, ThinkZILLA Consulting Group & Founder, Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Dr. Trayham is an award-winning Entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, and economic empowerment specialist who believes that inclusive, equitable businesses and communities are what create opportunity and drive prosperity. Through ThinkZILLA Consulting Group Dr. Trayham builds, manages, and helps bring greater awareness to programs and initiatives that are vital to supporting underserved and underrepresented communities around the U.S.

Dr. Trayham is a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Having been born into poverty, Dr. Trayham understands the realities associated with growing up poor. That’s why she has devoted her life to helping other women achieve success. Her best-selling book titled When God Says Go represents her philosophy on life and her commitment to being of service to others.

To date, Dr. Trayham has mentored more than 8,000 minority women business owners. She has also developed programs for notable Fortune 500 organizations and government entities. She was recently featured in Forbes as a top business consultant.