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An Appeal to Arizona’s Leaders

Greater success of the higher education system in Arizona is critical for the present and future competitiveness of the state we all call home. With your leadership, our enviable economic growth has enabled incredible advancement of industry and quality of life over the last decade.

In large part, these advancements grew out of the success of our higher education system’s creation of talent and innovative ideas that have made Arizona an attractive place to invest, relocate and take on entrepreneurial endeavors.

As business leaders and economic development organizations, we stand with many of you and our universities in support of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) FY 2021 state budget request to strengthen our economy into the future.

With this proposal, each university will focus on the state’s workforce needs in areas that they individually specialize. ABOR’s New Economy Initiative is bold, necessary and endorsed by 23 leadership organizations statewide. It places resources in high-value areas with proven track records of success. It also represents a significant turnaround for higher education funding in the state and a fulfillment of our shared commitment to greater opportunity for all Arizonans.

Thanks to state and civic leaders, our economy is outpacing growth nationally. This robust economic and population boom has put Arizona in a strong fiscal position. We ask our leaders to take responsible yet bold action to invest in our future and support ABOR’s proposal as a wise investment with an excellent return. This initiative matters to us, but most importantly to the future success of Arizona and our citizens.

Thank you for your leadership and service to our great state.


Glenn Hamer
President & CEO
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chris Camacho
President & CEO
Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Todd Sanders
President & CEO
Greater Phoenix Chamber
Neil Giuliano
President & CEO
Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL)



Read about ABOR’s New Economy Initiative (pdf).

Published in December 29, 2019 Sunday paper.