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Greater Phoenix: An evolving cultural community

Published: 06/01/2016
Updated: 03/07/2022

GPEC Investor: Richmond Vincent, Jr.

Richmond Vincent, Jr. is the Senior Vice President of Workforce Development of Goodwill of Central Arizona, a board member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and a member of GPEC’s Strategic Council. Vincent has lived in Greater Phoenix for 29 years and shares with us his passion for the Greater Phoenix region.

Greater Phoenix: An Evolving Cultural Community

We spoke recently with Richmond Vincent, Jr. about what brought him to the valley, and what keeps him here after so many years. As a senior executive for the past seven years at Goodwill of Central Arizona and board member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Vincent has a deep interest in the community where he lives and works. His many years living and working in Greater Phoenix have given him a unique perspective on the region and how it has changed over the past three decades.

Greater Phoenix is not rooted in legacy, but in resilience and rugged enterprise. In the 1950s, Greater Phoenix transitioned from an agricultural to an industrial-based economy, followed by a boom in the 1970s in aerospace and defense.

Today, Greater Phoenix is rapidly diversifying its core industries with significant expansion in sectors such as bioscience, healthcare, software and technology.

Vincent describes Greater Phoenix as an “evolving cultural community.” Like many, he came to the region to attend Arizona State University and stayed after graduation, realizing the professional and personal opportunities available to him. “I decided to remain in the valley because of the immense opportunity to achieve a successful career in a number of growing occupations,” Vincent said.

The Greater Phoenix of today is fast-paced, dynamic and possesses an unapologetic willingness to get things done. Robust ecosystems exist here for individuals and companies to thrive, but those paths are not met with red tape or status-quo. The communities that make up the region welcome diverse individuals and businesses, and offer tremendous opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries. Said Vincent, “Arizonans respect, embrace and desire a diverse community.”

The growing industry diversity has set Greater Phoenix on a path to a strong economic future. As a region that has adapted to rapid population growth and economic shifts, the communities of Greater Phoenix represent a historically exciting place for business. “The proliferation of the Phoenix urban core has been amazing, and is continuing to attract diverse, innovative and inquisitive residents.”

“I believe that over the coming years we will see significant positive change,” Vincent said. “This will include the development and utilization of space-age technologies; an evolving talent pipeline completely aligned with policy, education, and business needs; and continuing to leverage our strength of being an outstanding place to live, work and play.”

The opportunities available to individuals and businesses in Greater Phoenix are echoed by those who call the region home. A spirit of groundbreaking innovation and cross-sector collaboration have come to define the community. Those who live here are invested in growing the community and charting a path forward for the region that is uniquely Phoenix.