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Virtual Exhibition Theme: Greater Phoenix Revival

As we all take a collective deep breath to recenter ourselves for the start of a new year, our next virtual exhibit will showcase just that. Images of renewal, rebirth, revival; of life, spirit, growth and energy. From the birth of a new life, to the fresh blossom of desert flora, to depictions of our community rising together, let’s re-energize each other as we resolve to make 2021 a year of rising.


Submission Requirements

  • Must be an Arizona resident
  • Pieces must be submitted as a jpeg at 300dpi or higher. Files must be under 10 MB.
  • Each artist may submit up to 10 unique works.
  • When submitting photos, please ensure photo is taken straight-on, without an angle, and cropped to the edge of the piece.
  • You have the option to make your piece available for purchase. If someone chooses to purchase your piece, all sales will be handled directly between the artist and buyer.

Deadline: February 15, 2021


Submission Form

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    • If you are on Chrome, temporarily turning off auto-translate is recommended. (See how on Google Support)
  • Be prepared to submit a brief bio along with links to your website and/or digital pages that feature your work.
  • Verify each image is under 10 MB in size. Prepare the title, description and price (if applicable) for each piece.
  • Allow 10 – 15 minutes to complete the submission form. There are approximately 15 – 35 questions, depending on the selections you make throughout the form such as the number of pieces you are submitting.