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Virtual Exhibition Theme: #AZFreeToBe

Arizona is a place where everyone is free to be. Free to be an explorer, an adventurer, an innovator, an artist, free to be who you want to be. As one of the fastest-growing markets in the country, we want this next exhibit to highlight the amazing lifestyle we enjoy here. We’re looking for pieces that capture our unique cuisine, past-times, festivals and culture that are as diverse and colorful as our legendary sunsets. Let’s show everyone what the buzz is all about.


Submission Requirements

  • Must be an Arizona resident
  • Pieces must be submitted as a jpeg at 300dpi or higher. Files must be under 10 MB.
  • Each artist may submit up to four unique works.
  • When submitting photos, please ensure photo is taken straight-on, without an angle, and cropped to the edge of the piece.
  • You have the option to make your piece available for purchase. If someone chooses to purchase your piece, all sales will be handled directly between the artist and buyer.

Deadline: July 23, 2021


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