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3 ways to protect your company from online threats

3 ways to protect your company from online threats

Did you know? Companies have valuable information cyber criminals seek like employee and customer records, bank account information, and access to the company’s finances. Whether your company is a two-person business or a 40, 50 or 100+, the threat of hackers on a mission to steal information is real.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, here are three ways to help you protect your company from online threats.

  1. Educate your employees on how to deal with potential security threats. Employees should be instructed not to open suspicious emails, especially those requesting re-entering sensitive data or passwords. Make sure to inform them what is considered acceptable IT behavior in the workplace.
  2. Use powerful passwords. Weak passwords make it super easy for hackers to break into your systems and steal your data. Require employees to create a strong password that is hard to figure out and do not to use the same password for every site. Have them mix it up so if a hacker gets one password, they don’t gain access to everything.
  3. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi. It can be tempting to go to a local coffee shop, prop open your laptop and get to work. However, using public Wi-Fi leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Make sure to turn off your browser’s “autofill” feature which can leave your login information open and accessible.

Protecting your company against hackers is important to make your business as secure as possible. Fortunately, Greater Phoenix has a large cybersecurity presence where businesses are coming together to make the world safer. Learn more here.


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