Silicon Valley-based technology company Gainsight has announced an expansion to Greater Phoenix, AZ.

Seriously, is Greater Phoenix’s heat all that bad?

Published: 07/12/2018
Updated: 07/16/2018

Many people may know Greater Phoenix for its dry hot weather, its proximity to the Grand Canyon and for having a lot of cacti, but there’s a lot more to this vibrant and growing region. Let’s address the heat. Does it get hot here? Yes. However, when you compare our worst day to another market’s worst, ours quickly stops looking so bad. As one of the top 10 U.S. metros in the country, people are flocking to Greater Phoenix for its killer sunsets and plenty of sunshine. People who visit tend to stay.

But it’s not just the weather that makes Greater Phoenix stand out from the rest of the country. The arts and culture scene is growing along with the population. From monthly First Friday art events and free museum entrances to an up-and-coming theatre scene, the arts are here to stay.

Greater Phoenix hosts six professional sports teams and more than 30 breweries, a dream for any sports fan. Plus, the region draws large sporting events like Super Bowl 48, the annual Fiesta Bowl and the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament. University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale recently won the bid to host Super Bowl 57 in 2023 as well. If sports aren’t your thing, the foodie scene is growing with multiple 5-star restaurants and award-winning chefs bringing great food to the area.

Living in Greater Phoenix has all the benefits of living in a large city without negatives like high cost of living and lengthy commutes. In fact, the average commute time for Phoenix residents is less than 25 minutes, leaving residents with more time to spend their time their way.

Every community in Greater Phoenix has its own personality and culture. Finding your best fit is only a matter of deciding which community is best for you. Many neighborhoods hold weekly farmers’ markets (we grow citrus, avocados and more right in our own backyards,) host food truck festivals, hold outdoor walks and have multiple recreation opportunities that fit every need.

What really makes Greater Phoenix stand out is the growing tech scene. The region is home to large tech companies like Intel, GoDaddy, Deloitte, Amazon and Uber. As Greater Phoenix honors the legacy industries that helped shape our economy, we also celebrate the entrepreneurs that are agile and innovating for the future. There is a growing population of tech talent being educated right here, and with 68% of graduates staying in the area after graduation, these numbers are on the rise. In fact, the region is home to Arizona State University, the number one most innovative university in the nation three years in a row. Phoenix has already increased the tech talent over the past five years by 26%, outpacing both San Francisco and New York.

As a region that’s burgeoning on becoming a tech superstar, Phoenix can boast great tax rates, 3.9% lower than San Francisco and San Jose, and lower cost per square foot for office space than other tech cities like Boston and Austin. The cost of living in Phoenix is below the national average with a rent to income ratio of only 19.3% compared to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, all of which are over 35%, making Phoenix a stand out area to live, work and thrive.

As cost of living and doing business increases in other markets, we’re seeing tech talent flock to Greater Phoenix making it a no-brainer for industry leaders to expand or relocate their business to the region. Want to know why businesses are coming together to change the way we live in Greater Phoenix? Learn more about The Connected Place.