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Meet David Anderson: CoFounder and CEO of Off Madison...

Tell us about Off Madison Ave: Whether it be from restlessness, wanderlust, or simply FOMO—humans are driven to make the most of their leisure time. And that’s where we come in. Off Madison Ave specializes in answering the question, “Where to next?” Then, we simply point them in the best possible direction: yours. We have […]

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Two women hold microphones in front of a crowd, with only the first two rows of seats visible.

GPEC 201: How Greater Phoenix Economic Council is adapting...

GPEC’s range of services address current and future needs of Greater Phoenix As one of the fastest markets to rebound from recent strains, Greater Phoenix has proven itself resilient. But as the United States continues to balance market challenges with rapid growth, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is aiming to help Greater Phoenix become […]

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Four GPEC members sit at a long table during a meeting

GPEC 101: How the Greater Phoenix Economic Council...

The GPEC business attraction process guideAs advanced sectors are ushered into a new era accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19, Greater Phoenix is at the forefront of building robust industry ecosystems as the region evolves into a more modern economy.The region has grown from a contact-center-focused hub in the late-20th Century to one on the […]

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Ambassador Event: How GPEC innovates to advance Greater...

Named the top economic development organization in the U.S. in 2020 by the International Economic Development Council, GPEC has remained on the cutting edge of the industry by advancing our AI-driven strategy and insights, data science capabilities, research and analytics portfolio, business development tactics, and integrated marketing and public relations efforts. Our ability to work […]

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Advanced manufacturers capitalize on Greater Phoenix’s...

Greater Phoenix and the surrounding area has three major universities and the nation’s largest community college network that advanced manufacturers leverage to scale their operations. Three industry leaders spoke about their businesses, workforce and future plans during our recent Ambassador event. Panelists included: Viraj Gandhi, CEO, Medivant Healthcare Pete Williams, senior vice president of global […]

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Meet Atmosphere Commercial Interiors: Phoenix-based...

A conversation with Atmosphere Commercial Interiors Marketing Specialist Taylor Hudson Tell us about your company: Taylor Hudson: For over 100 years, we have teamed up with clients across the country and around the globe to transform spaces and empower people. We deliver premium experiences for organizations and people using a creative mix of products and […]

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Economic development organizations, municipalities and others use data to drive business growth. Learn more about this from our Ambassador panelists.

The data behind the deal

An educational panel on how Greater Phoenix data drives business decisions  Over the past 30 years, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) has advanced the region by assisting in the relocation and expansion of more than 800 companies, in turn creating more than 144,000 jobs and $16.1 billion in capital investment. In becoming the fastest-growing U.S. metropolitan […]

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I am very proud to call Greater Phoenix home and happy to help make this area a great place to live, work and play!

What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Holly Schor

What is your first and last name?   Holly Schor How old are you?   44 What city do you currently reside in?   Downtown Phoenix How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix?   Since 2001  Where are you originally from and why’d you decide to move to Arizona?   I am originally from the Bay Area and moved to […]

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Sherman & Howard's 30 Arizona lawyers serve a broad range of clients including individuals, privately held businesses, multi-national corporations and government entities. Learn more about why this law firm chose Greater Phoenix.

Meet Sherman & Howard: Established, leading law...

A conversation with Gregory W. Falls, Arizona Offices managing member for Sherman & Howard What city is your company located in?  Gregory W. Falls: Phoenix and Scottsdale  Tell us about your company:  Falls: Sherman & Howard L.L.C. is a regional firm with a national practice. Our over 180 lawyers (30 in Arizona) serve a broad […]

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Ambassador Panel at GPEC Office

Advancing the region

Industry experts provide insight on Greater Phoenix’s transportation projects, energy advancements, tech implementations  Greater Phoenix is growing at a rapid pace, not only regarding population, but in economic momentum and technological advancements. Arizona exceeds the national average for economic momentum, landing No. 4 in economic momentum, No. 3 in personal income growth and No. 5 in job growth. The […]

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