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Kathleen Lee, Senior Vice President of Regional Initiatives

Kathleen Lee

Senior Vice President of Regional Initiatives

602.618.7302 // klee@gpec.org

As Senior Vice President of Regional Initiatives, Kathleen Lee leads high impact projects that advance the region’s capacity for innovation, production and job creation. Kathleen is driven by a conviction that building an economy that works for everyone is best achieved through collaboration and inclusion. With a multidisciplinary background in economics and regional and urban planning, Kathleen has led the planning and implementation of initiatives such as policies that promote renewable energy and advanced manufacturing, and the GPEC-Brookings partnership for sustainable regional economic growth. In order to advance regional economic growth, Kathleen has secured several federal grants. 

Over a career of more than 20 years, Kathleen has worked in different regions nationally and internationally. Kathleen was a consultant in Los Angeles and specialized in industry cluster and workforce strategies. She also held a Research Fellow position with KRIHS in Seoul, Korea and participated in a national project in the Philippines. Kathleen enjoys learning from practices in other regions and organizations, regularly attends academic and industry conferences, and engages an extensive network of practitioners from around the country.