Greater Phoenix’s large talent base and competitive labor costs make it the place for businesses to go to scale

International Support

Four women speak during a Zoom panel

Ambassador Event: International Insights

Greater Phoenix’s growth within advanced industries has created a greater need for international partnerships. Foreign direct investment (FDI) helps attract jobs, build strong industry clusters, enhance innovation and contribute to economic stability. In 2017, Greater Phoenix became the center of a 10-year regional plan of strategies and tactics to secure FDI and ensure agility and […]

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What makes Greater Phoenix so great: Heather Foidart

What is your first and last name?   Heather Foidart How old are you?   34 What city do you currently reside in?   Scottsdale How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix?   Three years Where are you originally from and why’d you decide to stay?   Originally from Western Canada, I moved to Phoenix to enjoy the […]

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Arizona is one of two states that have additional benefits for companies located within a Foreign-Trade Zone. To better understand what Foreign-Trade Zones are, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council hosted an Ambassador panel.

Foreign Trade Zones in Greater Phoenix

Industry experts discuss how the FTZ program can benefit our regional economy  Greater Phoenix’s pro-business climate and economic development programs have made it even easier to conduct business in the region now more than ever before. In fact, Arizona is one of two states that have additional benefits for companies located within a Foreign Trade […]

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Greater Phoenix offers the right resources, is surrounded by other top markets and has a talented workforce to grow businesses in the U.S.

3 Reasons why international companies thrive in Greater...

How do international companies scale and access a new customer base? A great strategy many companies have found success with is expanding their operations abroad. Companies like Kudelski Security and Acronis are two examples of businesses that have expanded to Greater Phoenix, United States and found success. This region presents incredible opportunities for international companies looking […]

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SkyBridge Arizona, fue creada para reducir los plazos de entrega de los bienes al mercado de consumo mexicano y más allá, de semanas a días.

Resumen de la presentación de SkyBridge Arizona

El desarrollo del primer centro de carga aérea binacional en EEUU podría beneficiar la industria de la cadena de suministro “Estamos buscando nuevos modos del ingreso de carga aérea en nuestro sistema,” comenta Steve Schellenberg, vicepresidente del desarrollo de negocios de IMS Worldwide Inc., sobre el desarrollo de SkyBridge Arizona. “Ahora estamos trabajando en el […]

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SkyBridge Arizona, fue creada para reducir los plazos de entrega de los bienes al mercado de consumo mexicano y más allá, de semanas a días.

Special event recap: SkyBridge Arizona presentation

Read the article in Spanish here. How the development of the nation’s first international air cargo hub could benefit the supply chain industry  “We are trying to find new ways to improve how air cargo freight comes into our system,” says Steve Schellenberg, the vice president of business development of IMS Worldwide Inc., about the development of SkyBridge Arizona. “We are building […]

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Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) exhibited a large free-standing booth at the SelectUSA Summit, showcasing the region’s People, Place and Technology assets.

SelectUSA investment summit recap 2018

More than 3,000 participants from 66 international markets and 50 U.S. states and territories gathered under one roof in the Washington, D.C. area for the SelectUSA Investment Summit from June 20-22, 2018. The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the U.S., featuring senior government officials, C-Suite […]

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These FinTech companies can take advantage of a competitive U.S. market entry through Phoenix.

Arizona and Mexico’s emerging fintech scene

By Ruth Soberanes, Director of Trade & Investment Financial technology, or fintech for short, refers to the disruption of financial methods through the use of new technology. Depositing checks on your mobile banking application and utilizing cryptocurrencies for financial transactions are just a few examples of what this new technology allows users to do. In general, […]

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Phoenix Startup Week - Mexican startups with Doug Ducey

Se habla Español: How Greater Phoenix opens its doors...

By Ruth Soberanes, Director of Trade & Investment The Greater Phoenix region is leading the nation in innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) and companies from around the world are taking notice. Latin American companies – specifically from Mexico, Arizona’s largest commercial partner – are among the global companies increasingly looking to the Phoenix […]

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