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Greater Phoenix is The Connected Place and on a relentless pursuit of innovation

How cities and states can build the foundation for...

By GPEC President & CEO, Chris Camacho It’s a classic talking point from politicians to say that government doesn’t create jobs – and it’s spot on. What government can do, however, is create the right operating environment for companies to compete and grow, thus protecting and creating more jobs. For state leaders, that can mean […]

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Greater Phoenix is a top tech city, fostering an environment where expanding technology businesses thrive

The Con-TECH-ted Place

Supportive Leadership invites IoT and wearable industries to make its marks Wearable electronics startups and companies seeking to be leaders in the industry will find that Greater Phoenix provides many assets and resources to succeed, as well as the ability to easily assimilate into both the corporate and community environments. The region touts itself as […]

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Greater Phoenix offers efficient and creative work spaces, like Galvanize

Evolution of efficient and creative work spaces

In the middle of dozens of previously abandoned structures on the southern edge of downtown Phoenix sits a two-story historic red brick building. Once the main artery for the region’s grocery distribution in the early 1920s, the 125,000 square foot warehouse is now a lively space serving more than 48 tech companies. Galvanize’s newest campus […]

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Startups succeed in Greater Phoenix

Nori wins the energy and environment section of the...

December 4, 2017

SEATTLE, Wash., November 28, 2017 Nori, a new startup building a carbon removal marketplace using blockchain technology, is pleased to announce that they won in the Energy and Environment section of the ConsenSys – sponsored Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon, also known as the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) Decentralized Impact Accelerator. BSIC incubates, develops, and […]

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Amazon has multiple fulfillment centers in Greater Phoenix

The growth of Cyber Monday

As the holiday shopping season approaches, shoppers are deciding whether they should face the crowds for Black Friday deals or wait a few days to shop from the comfort of their home on Cyber Monday. With online retail giants such as Amazon and eBay offering affordable online sales, Cyber Monday’s popularity is growing which is […]

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Chris Camacho, CEO & President

An interview with GPEC CEO Chris Camacho

GPEC President & CEO explains how Greater Phoenix builds on its legacy of high-tech success Chris Camacho, as president & CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), has seen a wave of business investment growth unlike anything experienced elsewhere in the country. During his tenure, GPEC has facilitated the attraction of more than 280 companies […]

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Greater Phoenix is quickly becoming a hub for innovation, these are 5 things made here

5 things made in Greater Phoenix

Greater Phoenix is quickly becoming a hub for innovation. From microcontrollers to analog semiconductors there are plenty of reasons to be proud of Greater Phoenix’s contributions to the nation. Here are five known products and companies that are made in Greater Phoenix. H.E.R.O.S. Inc. is an industry leader in repairing and overhauling helicopter engines based […]

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Greater Phoenix has a large cybersecurity presence where businesses are coming together to make the world safer

Cybercrime: How to recognize and prevent it

Did you know? Cybercrime is considered any criminal activity that involves the internet and it can affect anyone, not just businesses. Sometimes cybercrime will cause an inconvenience and other times it can lead to financial ruin. According to Gallup polls, 27% of U.S. households say they have been affected by stolen credit card information and […]

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The AZCWR’s main missions are to educate, gather intelligence and change the industry. With the support of the community and its volunteers they will only further continue to better their own skills and the Greater Phoenix region.

Exclusive: An inside look at Arizona Cybersecurity...

Look into a mind of a cyber hacker There are monitors everywhere, wires intertwined, lights blinking and it’s hard to tell just where that beep is coming from. Huddled at one end of the room is a group of people, ranging from recent college graduates to some who are more seasoned, all dressed casually in […]

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3 cybersecurity tips to protect yourself when connecting on the go

3 tips to protect yourself when connecting on the go

Did you know? By 2020, more than 24 billion internet-connected devices will be installed globally — that’s more than four devices for every human on earth. Although these devices like smart phones, watches and tablets can be extremely useful and convenient, there are potential cyber threats you may face. According to the U.S. Department of […]

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