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Two people sit on tall chairs in front of cactus sculptures speaking to a crowd of people out of the photo.

Ambassador Event: The Impact of Prop 400

Half-cent sales tax paving the way for innovation, consumer choice in Greater Phoenix Over the last 40 years, the half-cent sales tax for transportation has helped Greater Phoenix evolve into the metro it is today. The tax revenue has built commuter and travel lines, connected cities, and laid the transportation foundation for businesses to flock […]

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Four people sit on tall chairs speaking to a crowd just out of shot.

Ambassador Event: Dispelling the Myths of Arizona’s...

Reviewing facts and misconceptions of Arizona water Though Greater Phoenix is situated in a desert, the region was cultivated carefully throughout generations with access to water in mind. Indigenous tribes created agricultural-based civilizations around the areas where the three main rivers converge. Construction on the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canals began before Arizona even earned […]

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Three Black women and three Black men pose for a picture on a Zoom screen ahead of a GPEC panel discussion.

Regional Report: State of Black Business 3.0

How Black entrepreneurship opportunities have increased in Arizona The third State of Black Business Report, created in tandem between the State of Black Arizona and Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), emphasized supplier diversity, reviewed venture capital (VC) and other funding opportunities, and highlighted growth in the Black business community since the launch of the first […]

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Four men smile at the camera during a Zoom call webinar.

Special Event: The New Photon Economy

How Greater Phoenix can become the country’s next climate tech hub Advancements in technology have opened the door to the future of energy — and Greater Phoenix is on the doorstep. Local sustainability leaders and clean energy innovators joined the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) to introduce the concept of The New Photon Economy, a […]

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Meet David Anderson: CoFounder and CEO of Off Madison...

Tell us about Off Madison Ave: Whether it be from restlessness, wanderlust, or simply FOMO—humans are driven to make the most of their leisure time. And that’s where we come in. Off Madison Ave specializes in answering the question, “Where to next?” Then, we simply point them in the best possible direction: yours. We have […]

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Ambassador Event: Arts & Culture in Greater Phoenix

GPEC hosts gallery opening with panel of Greater Phoenix artists and leaders Arts and culture are integral to the leading economies of the world, promoting cultural exchange and diversity, providing entertainment for citizens and tourists, and contributing directly to the market. In 2021, arts and culture added $11.6 billion to the Arizona economy, accounting for […]

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The benefits of living in Arizona & what to know...

Why Arizona is such a popular place to live Arizona attracts thousands of newcomers with its sunshine, diverse job opportunities and vibrant lifestyle that offers something for everyone. If you’re considering moving to Arizona, keep on reading to learn why this state is a great place to live in. 1. Arizona has enjoyable weather and […]

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Meet Air2O: Phoenix-based hybrid air conditioning...

Co-Founder Mike Sullivan shares why he chose Greater Phoenix Before moving to the U.S. from the UK, I traveled to many states to find the best location to start the Air2O HVAC business. For reasons, I still can't explain it, I felt instantly at home in Arizona. It is a business-friendly state, has outstanding weather, […]

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Meet Digital Air Strike: Scottsdale-based consumer...

How Digital Air Strike is thriving in Greater Phoenix As a region, we’re in a relentless pursuit of innovative and entrepreneurial technology-focused companies that are committed to changing the game. Digital Air Strike is one of those companies. Learn more about its story from Senior Communications Manager Hayley Ringle on why they chose Greater Phoenix […]

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5 panelists speak during a GPEC Zoom event.

Regional Report: Talent Acquisition & Retention

Greater Phoenix industry leaders discuss the importance of office culture Since April 2020, Greater Phoenix has recovered 93% of non-farm payroll employment jobs lost because of the pandemic. While private sector employment is back to pre-pandemic levels, a tightening labor market is driving competition for talent consistent with what employers around the U.S. are experiencing. […]

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