Greater Phoenix’s large talent base and competitive labor costs make it the place for businesses to go to scale



Arizona has the “most collaborative cybersecurity ecosystem in the country,” but support is needed to combat future threats

Physical and cyber threat convergence forum: Three...

Data breaches cost enterprises millions of dollars annually. As companies try to keep pace, they are limited in their ability to combat malicious hackers if physical and information security teams remain siloed. To help provide a solution, CTG Intelligence hosted the second annual Physical and Cyber Threat Convergence Forum at the University of Phoenix Riverpoint […]

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Greater Phoenix is one of the top markets in the nation to locate and expand cybersecurity operations

Cybersecurity: Protecting the digital frontier

By Darryn Jones, Vice President of Emerging Technologies In 1982, William Gibson, one of science fiction’s most visionary and distinctive voices, coined the term “cyberspace”. Two years later he published his seminal novel, Neuromancer, that described a virtual reality in which information is connected to a global computer network and experienced by humanity through hallucinatory experiences. Neuromancer’s […]

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Greater Phoenix has a large cybersecurity presence where businesses are coming together to make the world safer

Cybercrime: How to recognize and prevent it

Did you know? Cybercrime is considered any criminal activity that involves the internet and it can affect anyone, not just businesses. Sometimes cybercrime will cause an inconvenience and other times it can lead to financial ruin. According to Gallup polls, 27% of U.S. households say they have been affected by stolen credit card information and […]

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The AZCWR’s main missions are to educate, gather intelligence and change the industry. With the support of the community and its volunteers they will only further continue to better their own skills and the Greater Phoenix region.

Exclusive: An inside look at Arizona Cybersecurity...

Look into a mind of a cyber hacker There are monitors everywhere, wires intertwined, lights blinking and it’s hard to tell just where that beep is coming from. Huddled at one end of the room is a group of people, ranging from recent college graduates to some who are more seasoned, all dressed casually in […]

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5 ways to be cyber secure at work

5 ways to be cyber secure at work

The Internet of Things is growing all across the world, especially here in Greater Phoenix. With an increasing dependency on the internet, it is important to use caution while online. Businesses are experiencing drastic financial loss when cybersecurity attacks occur. For instance, the Ponemon Institute reported that in the United States the cost of cyber […]

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Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S), today announced that Forrester Research has recognized the company as a leader in their report, The Forrester WaveTM: Emerging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Q3 2018.

Kudelski Group to create second headquarters in Phoenix

June 3, 2016

Kudelski Group, a global leader in digital content distribution and security and in access control security solutions, has announced the opening of a second global headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.“The growing presence of innovative and tech-based companies in the Greater Phoenix region cannot be underscored,” said Chris Camacho, president & CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. “The region’s large, skilled workforce and supportive business community make an attractive place for businesses to operate. I want to thank Governor Ducey, our partners at SelectUSA, the Arizona Commerce Authority and the city of Phoenix for their coordination in making this a reality; and I welcome the Kudelski Group to Greater Phoenix and look forward to their growth.”Read the full release here.

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