About This Community

Just 35 miles west of Central Phoenix, Buckeye is part of what is known as the Sun Corridor Megapolitan region, one of 10 megapolitan regions expected to see a population of more than 10 million and an estimated $25 trillion in investment by 2030. As Arizona’s largest city by land area, with more than 600 square miles, projections show that Buckeye’s population will reach more than 419,000 by 2030.

Today, Buckeye stands as the premier gateway location between Arizona, California and the western United States. The city offers extraordinary opportunities as a 21st century community that provides a diverse range of business and employment options to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, executives and students who want to advance their lives.

More than any other community, Buckeye will be a dominant center of significant employment and business opportunities on a scale that is yet to be seen in America’s West.

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Why Buckeye?

Located on major transportation corridor with close, easy-access proximity to California
Business-friendly environment
Unequaled proximity to major markets
Skilled, productive workers and great labor environment
Rail access and a planned switching yard
Wide variety of natural recreational amenities
Exceptional educational opportunities
Competitive and affordable cost of living
Voted Forbes’ 2nd Fastest Growing Suburb in 2007