Greater Phoenix’s large talent base and competitive labor costs make it the place for businesses to go to scale

Four women speak during a Zoom panel

Ambassador Event: International Insights

Greater Phoenix’s growth within advanced industries has created a greater need for international partnerships. Foreign direct investment (FDI) helps attract jobs, build strong industry clusters, enhance innovation and contribute to economic stability. In 2017, Greater Phoenix became the center of a 10-year regional plan of strategies and tactics to secure FDI and ensure agility and […]

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5 panelists speak during a GPEC Zoom event.

Regional Report: Talent Acquisition & Retention

Greater Phoenix industry leaders discuss the importance of office culture Since April 2020, Greater Phoenix has recovered 93% of non-farm payroll employment jobs lost because of the pandemic. While private sector employment is back to pre-pandemic levels, a tightening labor market is driving competition for talent consistent with what employers around the U.S. are experiencing. […]

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Five panelists on Zoom screens following a regional report.

Ambassador Event: Arizona’s Water Position

Arizona’s water supply remains strong following Colorado River declaration Decades of intentional planning and long-term solutions are why Arizona’s residential and municipal water users will not be affected by the first-ever shortage along the Colorado River. The 18% reduction resulting from tier-one mandates equates to only 8% of the state’s total water use. Arizona’s vast […]

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Four GPEC members sit at a long table during a meeting

GPEC 101: How the Greater Phoenix Economic Council...

The GPEC business attraction process guideAs advanced sectors are ushered into a new era accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19, Greater Phoenix is at the forefront of building robust industry ecosystems as the region evolves into a more modern economy.The region has grown from a contact-center-focused hub in the late-20th Century to one on the […]

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Five men speak about cybersecurity during a Zoom call.

Regional Report: How Greater Phoenix, companies are...

Greater Phoenix positioned to become cybersecurity leader As the workforce transitioned to remote capacities during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the demand for cybersecurity increased alongside the number of malicious phishing and ransomware attacks targeting employees and businesses. More than 70 cybersecurity companies operate out of Greater Phoenix and the region has […]

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A dam blocks a large body of water from mountains

Fast Facts: Arizona’s Water Position

Arizona leads the nation with rigorous water conservation efforts, and because of the 1980 Groundwater Management Act, Arizona has the legal and physical infrastructure that maintains a 100-year assured water supply to meet the current and future needs of residents and industry. Arizona is currently below 1957 water usage levels due to increased conservation methods […]

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Greater Phoenix: Where you’re free to be you

Meet local organizations furthering inclusion and providing resources to the LGBTQ+ community in Greater Phoenix  We are an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and the work to build an inclusive and equitable community doesn’t stop when the calendar flips.  Phoenix and Tempe, Ariz. both scored perfect 100s on the 2020 Municipal Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign and nine Arizona cities including Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale have passed anti-discrimination ordinances. We encourage […]

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Panelists join a GPEC ambassador event over Zoom

Ambassador Event: Transforming Places & Spaces

Greater Phoenix developers balance city growth with tradition Community expansions are underway around Greater Phoenix and many developers have found an important line to balance: progress vs. culture. Cities with large inflows of new businesses and residents need to expand their communities while preserving the cultures that already exist. “I do like to think that […]

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A rendering for Culdesac, the first car-free neighborhood

The first car-free neighborhood: Why Culdesac chose...

Culdesac, a housing- and proptech company initially headquartered in San Francisco, moved to Tempe to build the first car-free neighborhood.

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An aerial view of Downtown Phoenix.

What is economic development?

How economic development organizations support business Economic development organizations (EDOs) work to elevate an economy’s growth trajectory through investments, advocacy and steering business ecosystems into the area. A key to the maturing process of a town, city, region or state comes from attracting and growing quality businesses while assisting companies in their due diligence process […]

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