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Regional Report: Megaevents

Super Bowl, WM Phoenix Open and Fiesta Bowl leaders discuss local community, economic impact At the end of 2022 and through early 2023, Greater Phoenix has turned into a hub for major sporting and entertainment events — drawing crowds from all over the world, in-person and at home. Super Bowl LVII alone will be broadcasted […]

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Four women and a man pose in a line for a professional photo.

Ambassador Event: Affordable Housing

How Greater Phoenix is addressing increased housing prices Greater Phoenix has not been immune to the housing price increase experienced throughout the country. With the market adding nearly 100,000 residents each year and low supply stemming from a reluctance to build following the 2008 recession, demand has increased alongside the average price for a home. […]

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Five people stand in a line, posing for a picture. The man on the far left and woman on far right both hold a can of beer.

Ambassador Event: Arizona’s Craft Beer Industry

Greater Phoenix craft beer industry thrives with brewer-distributor relationships With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Greater Phoenix offers a rare opportunity for craft beer brewers and consumers: year-round access to a patio seat and a pint of beer. The Arizona craft scene has grown significantly since 2008. Innovations from brewers like Chandler-based […]

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Four people speak in a Zoom panel

Regional Report: Economic Trends

Regional experts provide Greater Phoenix housing, economic forecast for 2022 With job loss from the COVID-19 pandemic fully recovered in Arizona and unemployment rates near an all-time low, a group of local experts discussed Greater Phoenix housing and land availability, key market strengths and the regional economy as it continues its upward trend early in […]

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Free to be: A disruptor

Elsa Chi Abruzzo, president and CEO, Anuncia Inc. I’m Elsa Chi Abruzzo, president and CEO of Anuncia Inc. We moved our company to Scottsdale from Massachusetts in June 2021 because of the thriving biotech and medtech ecosystems in Greater Phoenix. We had various choices in where to relocate our headquarters, but we chose Scottsdale because […]

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Free to be: Ambitious

Connor Keene, admin and finance manager, ZorroSign I’m Connor Keene, admin and finance manager at ZorroSign. I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix where ZorroSign is headquartered within the Canyon Ventures Center, an accelerator and incubator creating companies that transform people, industries, and the world from the heart of West Phoenix. I’ve been […]

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Free to be: A go-getter

Jacob Schuler, research and development engineer, Anuncia Inc. I’m Jacob Schuler, research and development engineer. Shortly after graduating from Arizona State University, Anuncia hired me as a full-time engineer. When I graduated from ASU, I already had several job offers from local companies, but ultimately decided to take a job with Anuncia because of the […]

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Free to be: A game-changer

Laura Franco French, director of state government relations, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) I’m Laura Franco French and I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m currently the Director of State Government Relations with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).  Prior to being hired at TSMC, I worked in the Mayor’s office as a member of the team that worked with […]

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Free to be: An innovator

David Szabo, vice president of R&D and operations, Anuncia Inc. I’m David Szabo, vice president of R&D and operations. I jumped at the opportunity to grow with Anuncia Inc. and relocated my family from the Philadelphia area. One of the really cool things about Anuncia Inc. relocating to Scottsdale is the surrounding biomedical and talent […]

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A dam blocks a large body of water from mountains

Fast Facts: Arizona’s Water Position

Arizona Water Overview Greater Phoenix is a thriving market built within an arid environment. Water has always been a priority, and that is maintained through the recent 21-year drought. Strategic planning has propped up groundwater supply in the region with the intent that reserves could be used during a time of need. Today, that supply […]

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