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Economic development helps build our economy, works to improve well-being, and enhance quality of life for communities across the nation.

Economic development and its impact on Greater Phoenix

It’s Economic Development Week and we are excited to team up with local community leaders to celebrate how far we have come as an organization and a state recognizing the positive impact that economic development has on Greater Phoenix.  Economic development helps build our economy, works to improve well-being and enhances quality of life for […]

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GPEC has had the honor of being named a top economic development group by Site Selection Magazine for three years in a row.

GPEC named top economic development organization for...

Site Selection announces 2019 Mac Conway Awards The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) has been named a recipient of the 2019 Mac Conway Awards for Excellence in Economic Development by Site Selection magazine, a national publication geared toward site selectors and those in the decision-making process for expansions and relocations. The Mac Conway Awards, named […]

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We have just brought our 800th business to the region, including national to international businesses that relocated or expanded in Greater Phoenix. 

GPEC celebrates milestone achievement: 800 businesses...

When it comes to growth expectations in economic development, seeing physical change may take time to witness as new building are built and the economy grows. In just 30 years, we’ve worked tirelessly with local partners to build the regional economy and improve our competitive position, resulting in the creation of more than 130,000 jobs for Greater Phoenix residents. We are […]

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Many institutions of higher learning are building a strong and nimble talent pipeline to serve the industry as momentum builds behind the tech industry in Greater Phoenix.

High-Tech Momentum:

Educational institutions in Greater Phoenix are driving innovation and technology know-how by Savannah King In the U.S., the Hispanic population makes up 16 percent of the workforce but only 6 percent of the national STEM workforce. In places like Arizona, where the Hispanic population is more than 30 percent and tech-based opportunities abound, statistics like […]

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Greater Phoenix is full of diversity and I love its cultures, businesses and nature.

What Makes Greater Phoenix So Great: Dina de León

What is your first and last name? Dina de León How old are you? 24 What current city do you reside in? Tempe How long have you lived in Greater Phoenix? 24 years Did you grow up in Arizona? Yes Why’d you decide to stay? I decided to stay in Arizona because I believe that […]

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A growing group of firms in Greater Phoenix has found success and security while innovating in blockchain.

The Building Blocks of Blockchain

Arizona lays a firm foundation for innovators in cryptocurrency and related fields. By Ron Starner If you haven’t followed the latest news in blockchain technology, you’re missing out on one of the hottest tech trends since the advent of Netflix. How big is blockchain? Consider this: the global blockchain market is predicted to be $20 […]

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Attendees from over 20 countries came together for a common purpose to transform wearable robotics at WearRACon19 in Greater Phoenix, Arizona.

Merging body and machine: Wearable robotics is a growing...

WearRAcon19 kicks of its fourth annual wearable robotics conference Wearable robotics are changing lives in surprising ways and this industry has become bigger than ever. In fact, the global wearable robotic exoskeleton market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 43.48%, during the forecast period from 2018 to 2028 and reach $5.4 billion by […]

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Greater Phoenix already has a welcoming environment for financial services and FinTech thanks to steady cultivation of the sector over the years.

FinTech’s Newest Place to Play – A Desert Sandbox

Arizona is the first state in the nation to issue an open invitation to financial technology pioneers. By Adam Bruns Go to the home page of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and you’ll see some pretty important drop-down menu labels across the top: “Consumer,” “Criminal” and “Civil Rights” among them. Like signs outside a business […]

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SkyBridge Arizona, fue creada para reducir los plazos de entrega de los bienes al mercado de consumo mexicano y más allá, de semanas a días.

Resumen de la Presentación de SkyBridge Arizona

El desarrollo del primer centro de carga aérea binacional en EEUU podría beneficiar la industria de la cadena de suministro “Estamos buscando nuevos modos del ingreso de carga aérea en nuestro sistema,” comenta Steve Schellenberg, vicepresidente del desarrollo de negocios de IMS Worldwide Inc., sobre el desarrollo de SkyBridge Arizona. “Ahora estamos trabajando en el […]

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FThis quarter we’re excited to highlight Greater Phoenix's nature scenes and diverse architecture in an exhibition themed “Arizona Landmarks & Architecture.”

Greater Phoenix through the eyes of local artists

New GPEC art exhibit presents Arizona’s unique traits Every quarter we partner with artists and curate unique and stunning pieces of art to display and have available for purchase at our office. This quarter we’re excited to highlight the beauty and diversity of our incredible region in an exhibition themed “Arizona on Display.” From indigenous […]

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