Our Team

Thanh Tran

Intern, Business Analyst

// ttran@gpec.org

Thanh Tran joined GPEC’s Strategy team as a Business Analyst intern in February 2022. She compiles data and monitors data quality in the organization’s internal CRM system to track activity, clean email automation and update insider Scoops on in community businesses. Thanh Tran will complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communication from Arizona State University in May 2022.

Prior to GPEC, she worked as a Marketing and Public Relation for Summit Aesthetics and Strategist for the ASU adworks club. She has a passion for data and customers’ insight. Originally from Vietnam, Thanh Tran moved to the United States in 2020 for exploration and experience. She loves traveling and meeting new people, and her goal is to visit all 50 states of the US before the age of 30.