Recently, Cox Communications presented their Cox Smart Home technology at P.B. Bell’s brand-new luxury apartments, The Curve at Melrose, in Greater Phoenix. 

Cox smart home’s technology improving senior...

Want to feed your dog, make it to your doctor’s appointment or see who’s at your front door without leaving your chair? There’s an app for that. The senior living space has experienced an influx of age-friendly technologies and devices to improve the aging experience. According to AARP, about 90 percent of adults age 65 […]

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These FinTech companies can take advantage of a competitive U.S. market entry through Phoenix.

Arizona and Mexico’s emerging fintech scene

By Ruth Soberanes, Director of Trade & Investment Financial technology, or fintech for short, refers to the disruption of financial methods through the use of new technology. Depositing checks on your mobile banking application and utilizing cryptocurrencies for financial transactions are just a few examples of what this new technology allows users to do. In general, […]

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Grand Canyon University powers up cybersecurity focus

Code red: GCU powers up cybersecurity focus

By Lana Sweeten-Shults GCU Magazine When the World Wide Web took its first digital breath, it was more than a game-changing phenomenon. It was a virtual technology tsunami, and everyone wanted to play in the sand. Yet the world dallied in the sand with nary a care. “With computers, everybody was using them, but they […]

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Seattle and Chicago are now targets for Arizona officials seeking to lure businesses

Seattle and Chicago are now targets for AZ officials...

Written by Russ Wiles, The Republic | | May 23, 2018 Arizona economic-development officials are seeking to lure employers from high-tax cities and states, and a controversial employment tax that was approved May 14 in Seattle could make their job easier. The tax has led to boisterous town meetings, protests by construction workers and a halt in […]

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When a company makes the decision to relocate or expand to Greater Phoenix, that decision is based on many factors.

Ambassador event recap: Selecting Greater Phoenix

Gwynnie Bee, ADP and USAA share why they expanded to Greater Phoenix When a company makes the decision to relocate or expand to Greater Phoenix, that decision is based on many factors. To gain a better understanding of the reasons behind the decision, Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) held an Ambassador event featuring representatives from three […]

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Greater Phoenix Economic Council is looking for someone to help design a t-shirt

T-shirt design contest

Calling all creatives! The Greater Phoenix Economic Council seeks a designer to give us a fresh perspective and an innovative design for our next t-shirt. See image below for full details.

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Economic development helps to build our economy and works to improve well-being and enhance quality of life for communities across the nation

Economic development explained: what it means and why...

It’s National Economic Development Week and Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is excited to team up with local community leaders to celebrate this profession and the positive impact that economic development has on the Greater Phoenix region. Today, economic development helps to build our economy and works to improve well-being and enhance quality of life […]

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A three-panel art piece hangs on the wall of a hallway.

Thriving art scene emerges in Greater Phoenix

In Greater Phoenix, you can discover a renaissance of creativity and inspiration nearly anywhere you look across the region. In fact, the region is so rife with innovation and remarkable talent, it has transformed into an art hub. To highlight the beauty and diversity of Greater Phoenix, GPEC is currently featuring an art exhibition in […]

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The Innovation Lab at Grand Canyon University

Top 3 takeaways from GPEC’s ambassador asset tour:...

From the Innovation Lab, Engineering Shop to the Learning Lounge, more than 40 GPEC Ambassadors embarked on a campus tour at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, AZ. GCU President, Brian Mueller, gave a warm welcome to the Ambassadors and provided a brief overview of the university’s economic impact to the Greater Phoenix region and […]

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WearRAcon18 speaker - Wearable Robotics Greater Phoenix

Wearable robotics are changing the world, one exoskeleton...

Global companies show off inventions at WearRAcon18 in Greater Phoenix We all know someone with a bad back, stiff hips, sore arms or injured knees. But what if instead of medications or surgeries, robotics could help with mobility to not only relieve these pains, but maybe even prevent them? According to Tom Sugar, an engineer […]

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